'Fuzz' loves simples and traditoinals.

There are ... Saint James, spring court, Gloverall, James Mortimer, SANDERS, Universal Works, Fracap, Yarmo, Merz b.Schwanen, Glacon, Le Travailleur Gallice, Le Laboureur, John Tulloch, Armen, Harrow Town Stores, soutiencol, Ordinary fits, arbre, comm.arch., Another 20th Centry, ARAN, BRENA, Charpentier de Vaisseau, HAVERSACK, DC White, MIDA, Kei Macdonald, FUJITO, alvana, HAND ROOM, Walsh, NOVESTA, Arts & Crafts, STANDARD SUPPLY, kearny, Blundstone, Tapir, Black Sheep, bleu de chauffe, Pantherella, James Lock ...
Vintage Clothes, Vintage Goods, and many more.

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Open 平日・土 13:00 - 21:00 / 日祝 13:00 - 20:00
Close 月曜 (※臨時休業有)

FENEST, BELLE are my family.

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